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Attain and Red Hat

Microsite Red Hat: Joint Mission

Joint Mission

Attain and Red Hat have partnered to be a catalyst in the federal community to transform technology the open source way. We develop and deliver transformational solutions to our clients using Agile, DevSecOps, and Cloud approaches, achieving in minutes what used to take days, weeks, or longer. From application development to middleware to infrastructure, we help agencies accelerate modernization efforts to deliver results faster with less cost and risk, efficiently and securely manage portfolios of applications, and automate and simplify deployment and management of infrastructure.  

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Cultivating a Culture of Collaboration

Microsite Red Hat: Cultivating a Culture of Collaboration

Cultivating a Culture of Collaboration

We believe the best path to modernization is a collaborative one fueled by not just open source technologies, but by open source-aligned cultures as well. Accordingly, Attain and Red Hat are committed to helping agencies understand the cultural transformation that’s needed, including the buy-in, transparency, and commitment to tackling business challenges. Our unique, holistic approach to digital transformation infuses process improvements and organizational evolution. As such, in addition to Agile, DevSecOps, Cloud, and open source tools, we help agencies build open source-aligned organizations with an innovative, transparent, collaborative, and engaged workforce. Agencies can then build teams that act with agility, accountability, and purpose to drive momentum along the journey to successful transformation.

Microsite Red Hat: Tools of Transformation title

Tools of Transformation  

To fast track agencies’ modernization efforts while mitigating risk, strengthening security, reducing costs, and increasing efficiencies, we employ:  

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  • Agile and DevSecOps to accelerate results and break down barriers between teams  
  • Attain Test Driven Management™ incorporating automation to drive continuous deployment and monitoring  
  • UI/UX and user-centered design approaches, leveraging Usability Labs to minimize rework and improve the end user experience  

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  • JBoss EAP Middleware to drive efficiency and speed
  • Ansible to drive automation and acceleration 
  • OpenShift, containers and microservices for improved efficiency, portability, and cost savings 
  • OpenSCAP for automated scanning and compliance analysis  

Microsite Red Hat: Community-Powered Innovation Center 

Community-Powered Innovation Center  

Our Community Powered Innovation Labs provide business leaders and technologists with an immersive collaboration experience, enabling them to learn how to deliver results with speed, agility, and efficiency. Three tracks help agencies answer vital questions around open principles, software development methodologies, and trends in innovation.  

Microsite Red Hat: Open Organization Academy Track 

Open Organization Academy Track  

Open Organization AcademyHow can we build an open organization with innovative, transparent, adaptable, collaborative, and engaged people? This track explores how open principles—like transparency, inclusivity, adaptability, collaboration, and community—can fundamentally alter contemporary organizational culture and design. The session will focus on the foundations of an open source approach to building and cultivating organizational culture and explore concrete, actionable ways to begin building teams that act with agility, accountability, and purpose. 

Microsite Red Hat: Builders Academy Track

Builders Academy Track  

Builders AcademyHow do we translate open principles into methods, strategies, and tactics to solve problems? Executives and their teams will work together to practice software development methodologies used in the DevSecOps revolution. There is no coding involved. Builders Academy teaches how to build products using lean, agile, and continuous delivery practices, simulating many of the tools and techniques used in the Red Hat Open Innovation Labs.  

Microsite Red Hat: Open Source Tech Academy Track

Open Source Tech Academy Track  

Open Source Tech AcademyWhat open source technologies are shaping the future, and which are mature enough for serious consideration in my enterprise? This track will discuss the technologies that are shaping innovation today. In addition, insights and case studies will be shared to demonstrate how organizations are using emerging technologies to accelerate change.  

Microsite Red Hat: Awards Received 


2019 Red Hat Catalyst Partner of the Year, North America  

This award is part of the annual Red Hat North American Partner Awards, which aim to honor partners for continued efforts to support customers on the path to IT modernization. Attain was honored for its dedication to providing innovative open source solutions to customers in the public sector. Specifically, Attain, LLC was recognized for success in delivering total solutions to customers through unique partnerships with Red Hat and other ecosystem partners.  

2018 Red Hat North America Partner Awards  

The Red Hat North America Partner Awards honor commercial and public sector partners for developing innovative solutions with Red Hat technologies to meet customer needs and business challenges. Attain was recognized among several honorees that received accolades for impressive solutions in several categories spanning Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud portfolio and their dedication to delivering customer success.  Business Transformation Partner of the Year honors Red Hat partners whose breadth of knowledge and capabilities have enabled enterprise integration of Red Hat solutions.  

Microsite Red Hat: Red Hat Champions Program

Red Hat Champions Program

Since 2018, Attain has been involved in the Red Hat Champions Program. This program is aimed at developing Red Hat experts within select partner companies. Champions obtain and promote Red Hat certifications and support the Red Hat practice in their company. This results in highly trained people who have a deep understanding of Red Hat technologies, relationships that enable reach back to resources at Red Hat, and true evangelists who can deliver Red Hat solutions to our clients.

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