About Attain

Attain is a built-to-last, next generation, values-driven consultancy focused on disrupting the status quo, changing the world, and creating impact for our clients and those they serve. Powered by extreme automation, Attain leverages a holistic, agile, secure, and customer-centered approach to digital transformation, advancing our clients’ missions across the government, education, healthcare, and nonprofit landscapes.


Manish Agarwal

Philip M. Agee, II

Greg J. Baroni

Mark C. Davis

Wallace G. Davis

Paul A. Matteucci

Ravichandra Mudumby

John J. O’Neill

Richard J. Roberts

Simon Szykman

Michael E. Torbert


Attain's Partners elect a five-person Board of Managers to govern the organization. 

Board of Managers

Greg J. Baroni, Chairman

Manish Agarwal, Vice Chairman

Philip M. Agee, II, Member

John J. O’Neill, Member

Richard J. Roberts, Member


The Board of Managers then determine who will lead each of the three Board Committees. 

Board Committees

Audit and Finance: Richard J. Roberts, Chair

Compensation and Human Resources: Manish Agarwal, Chair

Governance: John J. O’Neill, Chair