10 Years on Team Attain

Ask any member of the Attain leadership team what makes our company special and they will all give you the same answer: our people. When Attain was founded in 2009, it started with a core group of individuals who were all committed to doing business better by focusing on making lasting impacts for those we serve.  

In last week’s post about The History of Attain, we shared our three founding principles: built-to-last, next-generation, and values-driven. We are proud to say that ten years later, we still run our organization in accordance with these three, driving factors.  

One of the key elements in our success of staying true to our founding vision once again comes back to our people. Here is what some of our 10-year employees have to say about what makes Attain a great place to work:  

“The people! We hire the best people in the market, and we rally around each other to grow this firm—we're a team.” - Phil Agee, Partner, Federal Services 

“The teamwork and comradery make Attain a great place to work. Add to that the flexibility to balance my work and home life and amazing mentoring I’ve received over the years, and Attain has been a wonderful fit for me!” - Angela Burton, People Operations Senior Manager 

“There are so many reasons to love Attain. For me, it’s the entrepreneurial spirit, friendly atmosphere, and seven Core Values that drive our everyday working life.” - Wally Davis, Partner, Education, Nonprofit and Commercial Services  

“I get to work with and learn from the true experts and thought leaders in my industry. Not many people can say that!” - David Moore, Manager, Education, Nonprofit and Commercial Services 

“I appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit that is fostered within the organization. It really motivates people to strive for better service and outcomes for our clients.” - Michael Torbert, Partner, Federal Services 

“Attain is about more than the bottom line. Here, giving back to the team and our community is a priority—and that's meaningful to me.” - Ellen Walsh, Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer 

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