Introducing Admissions Connect – Scale for Speed, Flexibility, and Maximum Engagement

Alanna Steffens and Kaia Brown

We know that this year, more than any other, has created opportunities for change. That’s no exception for which has a major change on the horizon, and we couldn’t be more excited. It has been a persistent challenge for our customers to implement a cost-effective, low-technical debt solution to address recruiting and admissions.   

The recruiting and admissions part of the student lifecycle is frequently regarded as the key first step in introducing CRM to higher education institutions looking to gain visibility and efficiency while increasing the quality of prospects. From undergraduate, to graduate, non-degree, and lifelong learner programs, Salesforce’s Education Cloud has allowed customers to increase enrollments by an average of 11% over three years. 

With the release of Admissions Connect, institutions are one step closer to a complete 360-degree view of their constituents. As Salesforce prepares to launch Admissions Connect, it’s a great time for institutions to evaluate if your current recruiting and admissions solution is meeting your goals. 

Introducing Admissions Connect 

Salesforce is rolling out its newest Education Cloud offering, Admissions Connect, an EDA-based Recruiting and Admissions solution. Admissions Connect will provide increased flexibility to recruiting and admissions teams, with a unified student view to maximize productivity and engagement. With built-in SIS integration support, Admissions Connect enables teams to quickly leverage application data to maximize constituent engagement. 

Admissions Connect Screen Shot

Is Admissions Connect Right for Your Institution? 

We believe the answer is yes. But if you need proof, review the questions below: 

  • Do you struggle to support multiple prospecting streams for undergraduate, graduate, non-traditional, and lifelong learner programs?   

  • Are you supporting and managing multiple complex integrations to other systems? 

  • Are you leveraging native Salesforce architecture (EDA, NPSP) that supports enterprise growth? 

  • Are your event management and email marketing solutions leaving you with blind spots that prevent you from effectively scoring prospects?   

  • Are prospects dropping off during the application and recruitment process, but you can’t understand why? 

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then Admissions Connect on Salesforce may be the next step in your institution’s journey. Our team would be happy to talk with you about our experience with institutions going through a similar evaluation, help you determine the right path forward, and support you along the different stages of that journey. 

How can I get started with Admissions Connect? 

Contact us at with any questions, for additional details, or to schedule a demo. We will show you how you can incorporate Admissions Connect into your overall vision for a cloud-based, unified constituent experience. 

Attain has achieved the rank of Expert in Education Cloud, Salesforce’s highest recognition for consulting partners. As a Premier Partner with, Attain has contributed to the evolution of solutions under the Education Cloud, including the new Recruiting and Admission offering, Admissions Connect. Our team provided essential design input and feedback for Education Data Architecture (EDA), Advisor Link, and Gift Entry Manager (GEM). Salesforce’s commitment to the expansion of Education Cloud features allows clients to stay native, reducing maintenance needs and priming institutions for scale. 

About the Authors 

Alanna Steffens Headshot

Alanna Steffens is the Practice Lead of Attain’s Salesforce Services Group. With almost 10 years in the Salesforce ecosystem, her experience in higher education spans the student-facing lifecycle and support for backend management functions. Alanna has led several successful large-scale recruiting and admissions projects, and gladly welcomes the Admissions Connect product into the suite of tools available for our clients within the Education Cloud. 

Kaia Brown Headshot

Kaia Brown is a Senior Delivery Manager in Attain’s Salesforce Services Group. After five years in the healthcare industry working as a Salesforce Product Owner, Kaia made the move to consulting to help commercial, nonprofit, and higher education clients maximize their Salesforce ROI. She currently leads enterprise technology transformations for our nonprofit and higher education clients, with a focus on creating unified experiences for teams and the constituents they serve.