Extending Salesforce Accounting Subledger for Oregon State University Ecampus

Kaia Brown, David Bruce, and Jeff Cowgill

Initially designed with nonprofit fundraising in mind, Salesforce’s Accounting Subledger can also significantly benefit universities that need to manage complex transactions with payables, receivables, and interdepartmental transfers. Many departments use CRMs like Salesforce to track grants, services, and more. Subledger provides a way to link operational data effectively and efficiently with financial systems and creates efficiency by reducing or eliminating manual processes. 

As a Salesforce.org partner since 2005 that has implemented over 800 higher education and nonprofit projects, Attain was invited to contribute to and collaborate on key design decisions in the development of this new package. We were excited to be the first implementation partner to enable this essential functionality for a client this summer, giving the organization more time to engage with their constituents and less time working on accounting. 

OSU logoOregon State University Ecampus (OSU) sought a solution to streamline their online course and program development systems and financial operations. Their interdepartmental transfers relied heavily on highly manual and redundant steps and involved manipulation of multiple spreadsheets. 

Attain implemented and configured Subledger to securely manage payments and reconcile ledger entries in the format required by Banner Financials. Attain has worked directly with Salesforce on the development of Subledger and selected it for OSU to add the rigor and transparency they needed for its financial operations. To complement this, Attain leveraged native Salesforce reports and dashboards to provide other Ecampus groups detailed insights across each stage of their operations. Why Subledger? 

  • Limits technical debt – no need to maintain complex, custom code 

  • Future proof – solution maintained alongside Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) 

  • Ad hoc reporting – takes advantage of native Salesforce reporting 

  • Rapid prototyping and testing – quickly builds trust between functional teams and finance 

  • Reduced risk – uses codified and automated standards of data processing 

  • Data transparency – provides predictable information between groups 

  • Clicks not code – uses declarative code to update or adjust solution 

How can I get started with Subledger? 

For more information about Oregon State University Ecampus, visit Ecampus.oregonstate.edu