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Austin Wilson

Salesforce’s mission is to empower organizations to connect with their audiences in a whole new way. The on-demand training modules of Salesforce’s Trailhead program make it even easier to use as they provide no-barrier access and an equal playing field for adopting the cloud. Whether you are a super user or accidental admin, Trailhead supplies essential resources to navigate all the features offered by Salesforce.  

After several years working in the Salesforce ecosystem, here are my recommendations for Trailheads that will get you and your team on the right track to achieve your CRM goals: 

With the Spring 20’ Release, Salesforce moved away from three maintenance exams a year to just one; you might decide to focus less on Trailhead and more on work at hand. However, much like staying up-to-date with the world news, staying current with Salesforce’s new releases, both monthly and annually, is critical to staying on top of changes coming to your org. Keep up with emerging trends like Contact Tracing for COVID-19 to learn how Salesforce is developing solutions to help organizations contain the virus and keep your workforce safe. 

Change at any scale is never an easy undertaking, and adopting a new platform can be an even greater challenge. Preparing your team for upcoming change is essential for a successful technical initiative. Attain’s Prosci certified change management experts strongly recommend helping your first-time users gain confidence in Salesforce by taking a couple of Trailheads, preparing them for further training and setting them up for post-implementation success. By taking this step, users have a sense of ownership, and are significantly more prepared for change. 

If you do not already have an Administrator certification, it is an absolute necessity in your Salesforce journey. It validates that you have the baseline knowledge of the Salesforce platform and is a requirement for all other certification paths. Preparing for your Administrator certification can feel like a sprint or a marathon, but with proper preparation, it can be achieved. If you pass on the first try, that is definitely a reason to celebrate! If you do not pass, don’t stress! Review the areas where you can improve, and make a game plan to focus on those in your studying.  

If you haven’t migrated to Lightning yet, the sun is setting, and it is always better to ride the wave than to crash with it. Salesforce develops new Lightning- only features that offer competitive, if not better features, than Classic. If you want to be amazed at what Lightning can offer, check out Salesforce’s whitepaper on Lightning Only Features

If you have not already utilized Trailhead, then now is the time, proceed to Trailhead and follow the trail that most closely aligns with your role and experience level. In addition to Salesforce’s curated content, Trailmixes created by industry experts provide relevant modules and external links. Can’t find the right trail? Create your own Trailmix for you or your team that meets your needs by visiting Trailhead

Still unsure of which path to take? Attain offers expert services to guide your journey with Trailhead, Marketing Cloud, and more. Reach us directly at  

Attain has extensive experience working with our clients to deliver transformative solutions. A key component of this success is guiding users and admins with Trailhead to get the most out of their Salesforce investment. We have helped many organizations transition to Lightning as well as to the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) and Education Data Architecture (EDA). Team Attain’s deep expertise with Salesforce implementations, digital transformation, and change management combined with your investment in Trailhead create a solid foundation to promote a smooth and successful cloud implementation.  

About the Author 

Austin Wilson is a consultant in Attain's Salesforce Services Group. In addition to working with nonprofits and higher education institutions, he has experience working with federal agencies. Austin is currently studying for his seventh Salesforce certification with the help of Trailhead. 
By Austin Wilson, Consultant

By Austin Wilson, Consultant