The Attain Way

At Attain, we provide the culture and collaborative work environment that fosters creativity, encourages bold, new ways of thinking, and values a commitment to excellence—producing the best results for our clients and a rewarding work environment for our team members.  

How do we do this? We live out The Attain Way every day in our work and philanthropic efforts.  

The Attain Way is comprised of seven core values that align with our bold and entrepreneurial approach to business. These core values guide every decision we make and every interaction we have with our clients and those in the communities in which we live and work.  

“Our values embody our character that we, as members of an elite professional services company, believe a trusted partner and a client advisor should possess. Our values are not only the foundation of Attain’s culture, but they also provide an inspiring, motivational framework for driving excellence, achieving the best results for our clients, and attaining insanely great results. That’s the Attain Way,” said Greg Baroni, CEO. 

The Attain Way: Seven Core Values that Drive Success 

  1. Invent the Future - We believe that hope is a critical ignition to creating a better world. Our clients are striving toward great things. We work with you to create a breakthrough vision of the future and execute with purpose and diligence to secure results. 
  2. Be Bold - Our clients face tough challenges, but we believe that the glass is half full. We will confront the current reality, whatever it may be, but maintain an unwavering faith in achieving and delivering a purposeful end result. 
  3. Obsess Externally - Our entire focus is on serving our constituent public, including the society at large and the communities in which we live.   
  4. Be the Best - We strive to be the best in everything we do, while meeting deadline and budget commitments. We don't just sell it - we live it! 
  5. Team for Speed - True teamwork creates agility. We collaborate with our colleagues and clients, bringing passion, focus and perseverance to our work. 
  6. Execute with Discipline - Great ideas are nothing without discipline and deliberate execution. With stunning intensity, we lead by example and create an empowering environment for great work. 
  7. Have Absolute Integrity - Our word is our bond. We act with honesty, respect each other and honor all commitments. No exceptions! 

In addition to our core values, we pride ourselves on fostering a culture of growth that rewards healthy risk-taking and encourages Team Attain members to advance in their careers.  

We continuously invest in our greatest assets—our people. In addition to providing industry-leading employee benefits, in 2018, we took an innovative approach to redefining our career tracks to better align with our rapidly expanding workforce.  

Attain’s new career tracks allow our team members to differentiate among unique skill sets—Consulting, Specialist, Client Services, Sales, and Business Services. Utilizing these career tracks allows us to create more opportunities and promotion paths for our people, focus on different strengths and priorities across Team Attain, and better align accountabilities and rewards to support our team members. With an unparalleled career path, Attain is a place for great ideas and the people who have them.