Impact in the Federal Market

Laura Smith
Marketing and Alliances Manager

Attain uses leading-edge technologies and software development practices to improve customer experience and increase cost efficiencies for our clients.

A government client was challenged with a lack of efficiency, minimal documentation of processes, high costs, and an urgent need to find a new identity proofing vendor. Attain leveraged a holistic, agile, secure, and customer-centered approach to digital transformation for this agency based on a DevSecOps delivery approach.  Following principles from Attain’s Extreme Automation MethodologyTM, we enabled the agency to develop effective strategies and polices, built robust reporting capabilities for data-driven decision-making and compliance, and delivered advanced capabilities using DevSecOps. This resulted in greater operational efficiency, increased return on investment (ROI), and enhanced customer experiences from delivered applications.

Driving Impactful Results 

To ensure that the project delivered on the agency’s strategic goals, Attain first employed impact mapping. A visual, strategic, and collaborative planning technique, impact mapping assisted the Attain team in ensuring that development activities were highly aligned with the agency’s mission and business objectives. 

Elevating business impact

Attain Test Driven Management™ 

With the goal of driving optimal outcomes for the client agency, Attain utilized the company’s unique methodology throughout the process for managing DevSecOps programs and agile development projects: Attain Test Driven Management™. Developed specifically for managing Agile and DevSecOps projects, this approach builds trust, leverages metrics along with trend analysis and reporting to demonstrate quantitative levels of continuous improvement to the clients and satisfies Agile management principles for continuous deployment into production.

A comprehensive approach to evolving from continuous integration to continuous deployment

Robotic Process Automation Prototype 

Attain implemented a prototype Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution to improve and add automation to the client agency’s contact center call operations. Using RPA technology, Attain built a process automation “bot” that resides on a call center agent’s workstation and is triggered when needed by direct end-user control. The attended bot operates in the background while the staff continues with uninterrupted work, allowing for higher productivity, efficiency, and faster response time, thereby reducing handling times in call center activities.    

Better customer experience and data quality through automation

Identity Proofing 

With the contract for their identity proofing vendor set to expire, the client agency asked Attain to assist them in implementing a new solution to meet their identity proofing requirements. The Attain team negotiated an agreement with a third party information aggregator, did the necessary coding, development, testing, and went live with a production identity proofing solution to serve the agency’s users and stakeholders. In addition to operating under a highly compressed timeframe, Attain’s new solution is being provided at lower cost than the prior solution. 

Rapid implementation of cost-saving solution

By Laura Smith, Marketing and Alliances Manager