Nonprofit Case Study

Aimee Cubbage
Senior Principal

Attain’s Holistic Approach to Digital Transformation for a Large, Mission-Driven Nonprofit

As a firm comprised of innovative problem solvers who disrupt the status quo to change the world and improve the lives of those they serve, Attain was thrilled to work with a large nonprofit ($100M+) when it’s leadership selected us as a partner to transform their long-standing organization and streamline key operations including Fundraising, Marketing, and Incident Response/Case Management. This important organization has a history of service spanning over a hundred years and a mission that is of particular importance in the current climate of the country, focused on fighting hate and helping advance education to prevent hate-driven incidents and discrimination.

The client came to Attain with a unique and challenging set of objectives, including retirement of several key legacy systems housing many years of constituent, fundraising, marketing, advocacy, and other data types across a national headquarters office and more than 20 remote offices. Powered by extreme automation, Attain leveraged our holistic, agile, secure, and customer-centered approach to digital transformation to architect a comprehensive and cohesive solution to address these objectives and subsequently build, test, and implement across four major releases, each building upon the prior, to enhance and expand our client’s capabilities as well as create a robust foundation for future growth and transformation.

Incident Response & Case Management

As a key part of its mission, our client needed to shift from a purely manual process for capturing information around potential activities and cases of hate across the U.S., to an automated one that supported real-time data reporting and modeling. To accomplish this, the Attain team outlined a solution leveraging the Salesforce Nonprofit Service Pack (NPSP) and Service Cloud.

Attain worked closely with our client to identify key data elements and processes necessary to intake, as well as properly route, assign, prioritize, and determine actions necessary as cases came into the system. The automations that Attain implemented led to an easier information capture and reporting capability that resulted in an increase in excess of 60% of reported cases. The automations allow the client’s team to take timely and appropriate action for each case as well as provide critical statistical data. In addition, the data captured through the process is a critical input and allows the organization to continue to inform policies and support its mission to educate and advocate based on emerging trends within the data. The client also used the data from the system we implemented to build other information visualizations of their data including dashboards and mapping displays that show similar cases across the entire country. This interactive, customizable map is the first of its kind and provides valuable information regarding existing hate cases, as well as areas that may become future threats.

Fundraising and Marketing

In partnership with our client and, we implemented a holistic solution to manage the full lifecycle of fundraising and development operations, empower the client’s ability to engage constituents through a broad set of channels, and manage and leverage its constituent data via a unified platform for the first time in its history. We accomplished all of this with a focus on donor experience becoming increasingly more personalized and tailored to specific interests.

In total, the Attain team migrated tens of millions of records across close to 500 individual sources, onto a common platform that leverages a combination of the Salesforce NPSP, Marketing Cloud, and Classy (an AppExchange solution) for its event management, campaigns, and online donations. We then worked collaboratively to onboard and train 25 individual offices on the Salesforce, Marketing Cloud, and Classy platforms. We also worked closely with the client’s Brand and Digital Marketing leadership team to build email templates that have strengthened brand consistency, timeliness of communications, and ease of audience engagement. Along with the aggregation of data and the use of a common platform, our client also saw their overall email deliverability rate increase from 48% to 94%, has sent over five million emails on the platform since it launched and realized other significant operational improvements through this initiative.

Holistic Digital Transformation: Results that Make an Impact

By conceptualizing and implementing a holistic digital transformation solution, Attain helped our client achieve impactful results with the foundation to continually improve and transform the organization and operations going forward. After working with Attain to transform, streamline, and automate its organizational processes (data collection, managed cases, fundraising campaigns, etc.), our client is positioned to continue to support its mission in a way not previously possible. Additionally, as a direct result of their digital transformation in partnership with Attain, our client raised in excess of $5M via online giving in the first year after implementation and ranked in the top 10 organizations for fundraising on Giving Tuesday in 2018. We are extremely proud that Attain’s digital transformation work created such a positive impact for our client as they strive to accomplish such an important and influential mission. 

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By Aimee Cubbage, Senior Principal