Meet Our Consultants

Advancing Professional 

“There are challenges in all types of work, and it’s through those challenges that we tend to grow the most. I’ve developed professionally because I’ve had to work through situations that seem beyond my capabilities, but I find actually aren’t. At Attain, I’ve had great opportunities to grow because of leadership believing in my strengths.” 

– Broughan Fanning, Senior Consultant
Broughan Fanning

I’ve been a consultant at Attain for the past four years and have had the opportunity to work with a great team. The experience here is different than at other consultancies—here, your success is determined solely by your willingness to expand your knowledge and embrace new responsibility.

Attain is not structured like a typical corporate ladder where people push past others to advance only themselves; rather, people here genuinely want to see their colleagues succeed. Employees are always reaching down to help someone else up because they understand that when one employee succeeds, the entire team succeeds. This sentiment has been true to my career development as well. At Attain, leadership consistently gives honest and constructive feedback to make for a strong, well-rounded workforce. 

Leading Professional

“The core values at Attain are parallel to my personal beliefs, especially our value to have absolute integrity. Our core values are my guide and my team is the inspiration of my daily objective: to be a valuable asset to Attain and to our clients.”

– Olivia Duran, Senior Consultant
Olivia Duran

I have quite a long history working for financial institutions. After getting some honest insights from a mentor about Attain, the team, and the work, my decision to shift gears to consulting was rock-solid. To face new challenges, to work with top talent exposed to a vast array of experiences, to be part of a company that cares for its employees and the community—it sounded just perfect! Since making the move to consulting, my work life at Attain has been absolutely rewarding.

I am surrounded by an astute, passionate, hardworking team that delivers nothing short of the best to our clients. Everyone I work with and for—especially my manager—are pillars to my development and success on every project. I get appropriate coaching and mentoring. I’ve been taught strategies and techniques to solve specific tasks more efficiently, and there are ample positive lessons I draw from everyone—and that has heightened the level of my aptitude, efficacy, and work style. Even when client work calls for late nights or long weekends, I adapt to the situation at hand with much more ease because I am with the best!