Your Path Forward


Attain offers two growth tracks for employees to progress along as they develop, expand, and hone the skills and insights required to provide the best service to address our clients’ unique needs. Employees at various levels of the organization—described above in three phases as Advancing Professional, Leading Professional, or Market Mover—serve clients along one of two career paths: the Consulting Path or the Specialist Path. 

Along the Consulting Path, our professionals evolve by engaging in ever-changing and increasingly complex client work. They continue to build and strengthen relationships and a portfolio of business that demonstrates a growing range of deep knowledge as they progress through the three phases of employee development. 

Our specialists are subject matter experts who have chosen to develop their career along the Specialist Path, enhancing and refining a specific skill set whether functional or technical. Every new opportunity a specialist undertakes provides a new experience to deepen their particular acumen. 

While the Specialist Path begins further into an individual’s career—requiring a certain level of experience engaging with clients and applying various practices and technologies—both paths culminate in the Market Mover phase with the potential to become a partner in the firm.

Regardless of the path chosen, it’s important to us that every employee is given the tools, resources, and opportunities to develop and become a multi-dimensional professional who possesses deep expertise that spans various aspects of business development, client delivery, talent acquisition and management, and fiscal accountability. Your success is our success.