Data Science Page - ACT IAC Webinar

Webinar: Prioritizing use cases to guide artificial intelligence (AI) strategies in the federal government

Wednesday, February 24, 2021 - 11AM-12PM EST

The use of Artificial intelligence (AI) is continuing to accelerate in the federal government. With this growing momentum, agencies are increasingly dedicating resources to the use of AI. But, how do they do this in a strategic way? What factors should be considered in the decision? How can agencies identify high value candidates and real pain points where AI would have the biggest impact?

Join Attain's Simon Szykman, Partner and Chief Technology Officer for Federal Services, as he moderates this ACT IAC webinar to explore how agencies can identify specific use cases where AI would return significant benefit, as well as how agencies can best prioritize use cases. Attain data science expert Jennetta George will also share insights in this lively discussion. Register here.