Regardless of sector or focus, all organizations have goals, constraints, and barriers to accomplishing their missions. Often the path forward is a complex, high-stakes challenge in which achieving results requires capabilities and new perspectives that can go beyond an organization’s core strengths.

That’s where Attain can deliver immense value: providing a premium level of strategy, management, and technology consulting services to help organizations move forward strategically and effectively. We’ve developed a comprehensive advisory perspective by helping clients in diverse industries throughout the public sector to overcome a broad range of challenges. This perspective allows us to provide cost-effective solutions that are always on time and on budget—but never sacrifice innovation.

Powered by extreme automation, Attain leverages a holistic, agile, secure, and customer-centered approach to digital transformation, advancing our clients’ missions. We leverage deep expertise in digital transformation, a consultative approach to business solutions, and a robust delivery excellence program supported by CMMI-DEV ML5. Using modern approaches like DevSecOps, which are tailored to client processes, Attain’s services include application development and O&M, business analytics and data science, infrastructure, cloud computing, IT governance, CRM implementation, and cyber security.

The entrepreneurial nature of our team and our agility let us move quickly to address evolving needs and situations, while our core values drive us to provide world-class service and responsiveness.

We’re ready to hear about your challenges and discuss how we can help you overcome them. To start the dialogue, please contact us.

From the highest levels of strategy development through the nuts-and-bolts of execution, Attain helps clients at every level across the defense services and agency community to operate cost-effectively without sacrificing innovation, ensuring their mission to defend our nation from threats at home and abroad.
Attain helps civilian agencies make significantly better decisions and improve efficiencies, both inside and outside of their organizations, so they can focus on delivering the services and resources their constituents need.
As the challenges and risks facing our national security mount with increasing complexity, national security organizations are united and steadfast in their mission to keep America’s citizens safe—from protecting the nation against terrorist threats, enforcing the law, and preventing crime, to responding to natural disasters and creating the stability needed for peace and progress.
Federal health agencies face a multitude of challenges including cost control, legislative and policy issues, mitigating fraud, waste and abuse, harnessing an exponential increase in access to data, and facilitating enrollment and payment processing for beneficiaries and providers. With these challenges, arises a need for solutions and support at the intersection of healthcare, public health, research, and technology.
Challenged to do more with less, public sector organizations at every level require innovative solutions, planned and executed with precision. Attain has earned an outstanding reputation for helping them do just that — by providing effective solutions, on time and on budget.
America’s institutions of higher education face significant challenges, including fierce competition for grants, new and expanding reporting requirements, and pressure from an entirely new niche of competitors. Attain has a reputation for its expertise and unique solutions that empower institutions to break down barriers to success.
Shrinking research dollars and endowments, tuition scrutiny, and an evolving healthcare system are changing the world of medical education, research, and clinical care. Attain has the domain knowledge and strategic perspective to help clients manage these changes, meet their goals, and fulfill their missions.
In recent years, government support of nonprofits has declined, even as demand for services has grown. Attain helps nonprofit organizations rethink strategy, examine and improve organizational effectiveness, and employ technology to maximize resources and control expenses, while staying focused on their core objectives.