Civilian agencies have long shouldered the responsibility of providing the best citizen services to ensure the well-being of our nation’s people. They do so in the context of continually changing mandates and direction from lawmakers, as well as a constituency whose needs and preferences evolve.

For the foreseeable future, civilian agencies must accomplish their missions despite issues such as limited budgets and increased reporting requirements. And at the same time, these agencies must also confront the same challenges that corporations in the private sector face—including human capital, technology, business processes, and strategy issues—as well as a host of unique regulatory controls. 

At Attain, our management and technology consultants serve as trusted advisors and strategic partners to civilian agencies. Our clients span the full breadth of the Federal government, including agencies that oversee benefits and entitlements, financial services, grants, health services, homeland security, law enforcement, and transportation. We develop smart strategies, coupled with innovative technology, that allow agencies to do more with less.

To provide a superior level of value in each engagement, we offer a detailed understanding of the unique challenges facing agencies, as well as expertise across a broad range of strategic, technical, and business issues that could limit an agency’s ability to accomplish its mission. Our experienced team includes consultants, engineers, developers, and other professionals who are driven by our core values, to create and implement on-time, on-budget solutions that are practical, cost effective, and innovative.

We’re prepared to empower you to reinvent the way your agency does business, move with greater agility, and increase your focus on your public service mission. To start the dialogue, please contact us.