Colleges and universities have a long and rich tradition of shaping America’s future and expanding the frontiers of knowledge. In today’s rapidly changing higher education environment, the pressures to continually evolve are not likely to let up any time soon. With multiple stakeholders, intense tuition scrutiny, and an unprecedented level of competition for students and research sponsors, institutions face a variety of pressures, often without a clear path forward. 

Competition to be the best requires, among other things, an ongoing ability to obtain the funding necessary to generate as much research as possible. But to do so requires institutions to address and overcome huge hurdles, including:

  • Increasingly scarce funding that limits the growth of programs and capital expenditures
  • Federally infused dollars that support sponsored activities and result in higher general administrative compliance and reporting costs 
  • A shortage of STEM-capable talent resulting in fewer available graduate assistants needed to conduct research

Given so many pressures, colleges and universities recognize that they must change certain ways of doing business. Many institutions are honing and, in some cases, rethinking their mission, vision, and strategy, seeking efficiency through organizational realignment and re-examination of intra- and inter-institutional agreements. As strategic questions are being addressed, core activities such as teaching and research must go on uninterrupted.

It’s a complicated path forward, but Attain helps clients navigate it. Our expert consultants have extensive experience serving clients across the educational ecosystem — including universities, academic medical centers, and research centers, as well as the Federal agencies that provide critical funding or conduct intramural research. Driven by our core values, we’re focused on creating and implementing innovative solutions that are practical and cost effective.

We understand your challenges and are prepared to work closely with your institution to help improve collaboration, communication, and productivity. To start the dialogue, please contact us.

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