Groundbreaking Collaboration at the Intersection of Health, Research and Technology

Healthcare is one of the nation’s largest industries, with national healthcare expenditures now passing $3 trillion per year, and set to exceed $5 trillion per year in less than a decade. A complex and multi-faceted industry, with a constantly changing stakeholder and patient array, it is unified by a basic shared objective: to serve the restoration and maintenance of health.

Federal health agencies have a very broad mission. These agencies include the largest healthcare payer in the world; global leadership in scientific research; regulation of our nation’s drug and food supply, public health systems, and labs; emergency response and biodefense leadership; programs to support our nation’s children and families, disease prevention, healthcare policy, standards for healthcare IT and providing healthcare to the covered population. 

Across the board, federal health agencies face a multitude of challenges including cost control, legislative and policy issues, mitigating fraud, waste and abuse, harnessing an exponential increase in access to data, and facilitating enrollment and payment processing for beneficiaries and providers. With these challenges, arises a need for solutions and support at the intersection of healthcare, public health, research, and technology. We believe federal health agencies require the best support, expertise, and partners to enable success in their vitally important missions; especially since they are expected to do more with less, under heightened public scrutiny, while beholden to metrics-driven evaluation of effectiveness. 

While addressing many challenges for our customers, Attain has earned an unmatched track-record of success working in the federal healthcare ecosystem and an established reputation for helping its partners thrive in this increasingly complex and changing space. Attain’s deep bench of seasoned healthcare consultants, united by Attain’s core values, supports its federal partners with its interdisciplinary healthcare consulting model to evaluate and diagnose organizations from numerous perspectives to better tailor, resource, implement, and manage support of ground-breaking initiatives, leaving healthcare organizations measurably improved.

Our proven track record includes work in the areas of Health Informatics; Bioinformatics; Biomedical Research; Health IT, including both scientific and back office applications, infrastructure such as proven cloud migrations and best practices, data analytics and compliance, and IT PMO and portfolio management; and strategic consulting services.

Whatever your healthcare mission, Attain is fully committed to being your partner for success. To learn more about our services related to federal health please contact us.