Today, most nonprofit organizations operate in an environment of donors shaken by economic uncertainty, continued predictions of shrinking government support, historically diminished returns from endowments, while at the same time facing increased scrutiny from nearly every stakeholder. They face an increasingly crowded competitive environment in which newer charities or service providers are ready to challenge the niche that mature organizations have traditionally filled. 

Obstacles that nonprofits must address range from broad issues of reassessing strategic objectives and management tactics in a rapidly evolving environment, to more operational challenges such as targeting younger donors effectively, or using smart technology to minimize infrastructure costs. Even organizations confident that their mission remains as relevant as ever risk decline in support if resources are not consistently realigned with stated goals—program inertia is a difficult risk for many organizations to overcome. Even the most respected and well-established organizations have proven vulnerable when the unspoken presumption becomes that past growth and success points to a predictable path forward.

At Attain, we appreciate the unique combination of managerial, strategic, financial, and technological issues facing nonprofits. Our experienced team has a long history of working closely with nonprofit leaders to deliver on-time, cost-effective solutions, pushing innovation while respecting the values that make each mission-based enterprise what it is.

We provide a comprehensive array of solutions that help clients drive transformation where needed, streamline overhead if required, reassess evolving fundraising strategies, or improve cost recovery approaches with sponsors—enabling leaders and staff to invest where they need to: advancing their mission.

We understand the dedication that our clients in this field have, and driven by our core values, we match that with our own commitment to providing the very best in consultation and services. To start the dialogue, please contact us.

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