Today’s enterprises are challenged by a drastic increase in data. The impact to business and government is immediate and inescapable. Organizations and agencies are faced with capturing, analyzing, storing, distributing, securing, and managing much larger data sets than ever before from a wider variety of sources, including unstructured—and often unrelated—formats such as social media feeds, RFID chips, CRM databases, and others. Moreover, leaders must have ways to draw actionable insights from such complex sources of data in real time. 

At Attain, our experienced analytics professionals work closely with clients to understand the nature of their data sets, and identify the most valuable types of insights that can be gathered from them. We then develop applications and practices for data analysis that delivers relevant insights where they are needed—regardless of the size of data sets. These insights transform the ways enterprises interact, provide services, and make decisions about a variety of issues critical to their constituents and stakeholders.

To help clients optimize the value of their growing data, Attain uses an array of statistical and quantitative analysis, explanatory and predictive modeling, and fact-based management tools. We also have strengths in supporting disciplines such as:

  • Database and Applications Development

—Software/Applications Development

—Database Administration 

—Data Processing and Data Analytics

  •  System and Database Administration and User Support

—Maintenance of High Performance Computing Architecture

—Configuration, Installation, and Operation of Servers, Software, and Enterprise Systems 

—Database Installation, Configuration, Monitoring, and Maintenance 

  • Subject Matter Expertise and Research Support

By helping organizations and agencies manage and derive actionable insight from ever-larger data sources, we help them gain competitive advantages in ways never before possible. Our highly experienced IT professionals are committed to delivering cost-effective, innovative solutions on-time and on-budget.

To learn more about our services in the areas of Business Analytics and Big Data, please contact us.