Economic, regulatory, and competitive pressures are converging across the higher education and research enterprise landscape to make the traditional research funding approach harder to sustain. Institutions are finding that to survive in today’s environment, one of the most effective strategies is to optimize cost recovery for performing research on behalf of sponsors through their Facilities and Administrative (F&A) reimbursement rates.

At Attain, our approach to helping clients is based on extensive experience in appropriately determining the administrative and facilities costs associated with Federal and other sponsored programs. Leveraging our deep insight and innovative thinking, we help our clients achieve research sustainability and improve their reimbursements for more effective F&A operations. 

With more than 30 years of experience, our skilled professionals truly understand the complexities of preparing, submitting, and negotiating F&A cost recovery proposals with the Federal government and other program sponsors. We offer world-class expertise in implementing industry best practices; reviewing, developing, and applying costing methodologies; and interpreting the dynamic regulatory environment that affects cost recovery rates, including OMB Circulars A-110, A-122, OASC-3, A-133, and A-21.

Committed to our core values, Attain delivers quality analyses, recommendations, and costing services that drive the improvements in compliance and cost recovery that are vital to achieving the organization’s sponsored programs mission. We help clients sustain their research capabilities and better position them for the future.


Our knowledgeable team works with our clients to identify tactical improvements using innovative financial models and tools specifically geared to help higher education organizations meet strategic goals and metrics.


We are skilled at preparing proposals that yield the highest possible reimbursement rates compliant with the governing federal regulations and cognizant agency guidelines. Our team includes regulatory and compliance experts, as well as analysts experienced in identifying the most effective methodologies for ensuring optimal cost recovery. We also analyze cost accounting disclosure statements.


We perform precise, comprehensive, well-documented space utilization studies using AttainSpace, our proprietary web-enabled tool, to reduce compliance burdens and deliver quality results. With integrated business rules and data validation, our data easily exports into major systems for F&A rate submissions.


We help clients negotiate the highest possible, yet practical, cost recovery from their sponsored programs, with experience from both sides of the negotiating table. Using methodologies accepted by Federal agencies and other program sponsors, our approach ensures a straightforward, well-documented position from which to negotiate that also preserves the relationship between our client and their sponsors.

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