Our experts have deep backgrounds in allowable costs, Facilities & Administration rate proposals and negotiations, proposal submissions, financial reporting and closeouts, and research compliance including export control. During these challenging times we are dedicated to assisting our clients and can:

  • Provide guidance on allowable costs
  • Evaluate the impact of extending F&A rates
  • Modify business plans and processes to adjust to a virtual environment
  • Analyze research portfolios to identify areas to actualize the biggest gains
  • Analyze the effect of downturn in research
  • Assist with influx of proposal submissions for COVID-19 sponsored projects 

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For an evolving list of the latest COVID-19 Resources relating to Grants Management and Research Administration, see below.

COGR’s FAQ Addendum #3: Research Ethics and Compliance Human Subjects FAQs (Version 1.0) includes agency guidance on the following topics:

  • Evaluating study continuation while COVID restrictions are in place
  • Evaluating COVID related study risks through study team and participant screening
  • Evaluating privacy requirements during telework and telehealth mechanisms

COGR’s FAQ Addendum #2: Costing and Finacial Compliance FAQs (Updated May 1, 2020) includes agency guidance on the following topics:

  • Allowability of salaries and other project activities. (2 CFR § 200.403, 2 CFR § 200.404, 2 CFR § 200.405)
  • Allowability of Costs not Normally Chargeable to Awards. (2 CFR § 200.403, 2 CFR § 200.404, 2 CFR § 200.405)
  • Recommendations for charging compensation to grants during the Novel Coronavirus over the next several months
  • Recommendations on reconciling “compliance” with “flexibilities: through establishing/updating policies, compliance with allowability, reasonability, allocability and consistency
  • Recommendations on retaining pandemic related documentation

COGR’s FAQ Addendum #1: NIH Specific FAQs (Updated April 13, 2020)   includes agency guidance on the following topics:

  • Institutions’ COVID status NIH notifications:  NIH is requiring grant-by-grant notifications related to COVID-19 delays or adverse conditions.  Specific guidance for RPPRs due within the next 90 days to include a description of any COVID-19 effects and impact on research outcomes
  • NIH new funding opportunities: “all grant applications submitted late for due dates between March 9, 2020 and May 1, 2020, will be accepted through May 1, 2020,” and that funding opportunities that expire before May 1, 2020 will be extended for 90 days to accept late applications. Late applications received after May 1, however, may not be reviewed until the “meeting for the January 2021 council round.”
  • Salaries for COVID-19 related reassigned clinical care and research:  personnel can be re-assigned to COVID clinical care, trainees can be re-assigned up to 25% of total time. Program Director/Principal Investigator re-assignment for three or more months requires notifying the IC for temporary replacement.  Re-assignment to COVID research must follow normal NIH procedures for determining whether or not the proposed COVID research falls within the scope of the research contemplated by the originally awarded grant
  • NIH administrative supplements for COVID related costs: are premature due to the full impact still unknown.  NIH will currently consider IF: (1) supplements to existing projects that will allow investigators to immediately address scientific questions of direct relevance to the COVID19 epidemic, and (2) supplements that are needed to address immediate, mission critical needs over the next 3 months

COGR’s Frequently Asked Questions Regarding COVID-19’s Impact on Federal Awards (Version 2.2)  includes agency guidance on the following topics:

  • Travel charges: travel and meeting/event cancellation costs charged to grants
  • Remote work environments: handling lab access, employee supervision and secure data access
  • Project progress obligations: handling gaps, extended project timelines (no cost extensions) and incremental funding
  • Salary charges: handling “inadvisable” travel salary charges, isolation, child and elderly care salary, program/grant officer availability for prior approvals
  • Human subjects and animals: handling emergency animal care, facility inspections, human subject communication/interaction and IRB/IACUC delays 

COGR’s Federal Agency Guidance Matrix with several major grant-making agencies that will be updated as additional guidance becomes available. Currently most agencies are:

  • Allowing salaries to be charged for idled staff (please see each agency’s specific guidance to confirm)
  • Allowing additional travel and travel/event cancellation related costs (please see each agency’s specific guidance to confirm)
  • Allowing late or case-by case proposal acceptance, SAM registrations, progress/financial reporting, and waiving some prior approvals (please see each agency’s specific guidance to confirm)

COGR’s Institutional and Agency Responses to COVID-19 and Additional Resources

Sponsor Specific Guidance: 

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