For many research investigations, High Performance Computing (HPC) is not only a necessary tool, but also the only viable way to produce meaningful results. As research needs continue to grow, HPC offers vast capabilities and optimal solutions that enable researchers—whether in a medical, university, military, or government setting—to take advantage of new scientific opportunities. 

At Attain, we have deep expertise in developing and maintaining HPC capabilities. We often begin by estimating the total cost of ownership (TCO) for a new HPC operation, or in reviewing the costs of an existing operation. We then perform an assessment of costing options and provide different sustainable funding models that are both financially viable and in compliance with Federal cost principles. We can also assist with the implementation of the selected funding model – an especially important step for colleges and universities operating in an environment of increasingly scarce Federal funding. 

On a technical level, we can provide the types of infrastructure support, user training, software assessment, and other functions that clients need to maintain HPC environments. In addition, we draw upon a matrix of internal technology and management consulting capabilities to provide comprehensive guidance and support. Attain’s consultants include IT, scientific, and finance specialists who have deep experience assisting clients with a diverse portfolio of research programs.

We have experience and insights on a broad range of the disciplines that enable and support HPC, including administration, finance, as well as infrastructure and other fields. With an emphasis on creating innovative, cost-effective solutions, we serve as a strategic partner for many types of organizations, wherever they are in the process of obtaining and deploying HPC capabilities.

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