Many organizations, whether government, higher education, or others, are struggling to find a workable balance between empowering employees with mobile access to information, and maintaining the security needed to keep sensitive information private. But as mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets become nearly ubiquitous, people are changing the way they work and interact—and that means organizations need to evolve.

At Attain, we offer deep expertise in enterprise mobility services. Our mobility solutions enable instant access to organizations’ networks and applications for authorized users, anytime and anywhere—improving productivity, flexibility, efficiency, and enhancing collaboration. Moreover, for organizations that use cloud-hosted services, our solutions allow mobile devices to respond to schedule changes, new e-mails, or download new documents on the fly, adding even greater efficiency. 

In addition, our experienced technology team can help develop the necessary infrastructure, policies and procedures to control who, what, where, when, and how users access networks, along with end-to-end services to ensure a secure, consistent and reliable user experience. From mobility planning and design, to implementation, testing, and maintenance, we provide a fast and easy path to robust, secure enterprise mobility—without major costs or interruptions to our clients’ missions. 

Driven by a commitment to our core values, our skilled professionals have extensive experience in extending client networks to mobile devices, hardware/software installations, strengthening security protocols, and the many other technology services needed to transform how an organization’s people communicate, collaborate, and make decisions.

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