Our research and experience in the field suggest that even the most complex organizations can be improved to give employees the mix of control, support, and autonomy they need to do their jobs well. What’s more, redesigning an organization to suit its changing scale and scope can do much to address the challenges of managing strategy, costs, people, and risk.

Recognizing these challenges and opportunities, we look to offer fresh ideas on the critical organizational design questions facing our clients today—how to adjust structure to adapt to the changing market dynamics; how to find a productive balance between span of control and organizational layers, as well as standardized central verses diverse local processes; where to locate and leverage centers of excellence; and how to deploy knowledge and skills effectively by getting the right people communicating with each other.

At Attain, we help our clients design organizations aligned with strategy to reduce costs, drive performance, and strengthen both short-term performance and long-term organizational health, providing them a blueprint/framework and roadmap for their organization.

In partnership with our clients, we:

Bring a more collaborative approach to organization design.

We assess the strengths and weaknesses of an organization’s current structure and design a robust new structure. 

Link organization and strategy to realize value.

We make sure the design focuses management attention on the strategic priorities and critical operations of each organizational unit. Once the design is finalized, our unique implementation approach helps our clients quickly realize the economic value determined by the redesign.

Focus central executive level offices on value creation.

We offer an approach that identifies an explicit, value-adding “mandate” for the executive leadership, sometimes referred to as the “President’s Cabinet”, to deal with the perception of waste and redundant hierarchy – for example, coordinating key functions or driving specific strategic initiatives.

Deal with unnecessary complexity.

We pinpoint issues such as a lack of role clarity or poor processes that could hinder productivity and remove complexity that creates unnecessary cost and organizational friction, and channel what’s left to employees who are equipped to handle it.

Drive increased accountability.

We make sure all units have clear performance measures, and do so by designing performance-management processes to include accountability tools and decision-making frameworks.

To learn more about our Organizational Assessment and Redesign offering, please contact us.