The larger and more complex a program, the more it can benefit from expert program management. By their nature, mission-critical programs are high-stakes undertakings; but, when one factors in the significant budget considerations, multiple stakeholders, and teams of contractors and subcontractors typically involved, risks can be even greater. 

At Attain, we specialize in program management and its many components, effectively addressing the risks presented by complex initiatives. In fact, our consultancy is one of the industry’s leading providers of end-to-end program management support services for large-scale systems integration and development programs. This means that we can deliver value even before a program begins by providing acquisition support, and continue adding value through earned value management (EVM), schedule management, systems engineering, and independent verification and validation (IV&V).

Our highly experienced team includes not only PMP-certified staff, but also subject matter and domain experts who work in collaboration with the client to ensure the program operates efficiently and generates desired results. Our Power Methodology™ is a project management and service delivery framework, based on industry best practices, that features a set of repeatable, customizable processes, procedures, guidelines, and sample deliverables. This highly flexible methodology includes embedded Lean Six Sigma capabilities, and is compliant with other lifecycle development methodologies, as well as all major Federal and industry guidelines.

Driven by our core values, our Program Management professionals work to ensure consistent results, minimize performance risk, and reduce costs. For our clients, this means proceeding with the confidence that their programs will produce desired outcomes, and adhere to budget and schedule requirements.

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