Organizations operate in an environment full of unknowns, and factors vary with each organization—from what their markets or constituencies will need next year, to the impact of competition, new technologies, and other developments. No one can see into the future—yet every day, an organization’s leaders must make decisions about how and where to prepare and invest.

At Attain, we offer objective assessments of organizational performance and risks that serve as a foundation for sound decision making. Whether analyses suggest reengineering programs to become more responsive to the market, or that an organization has the financial strength to achieve a more robust mission, Attain enables Board-level discussion to focus on accurate, objective information garnered through increased visibility and insight.

Our Strategic Finance services provide insight and value in both the short- and long-term. Short-term insights are based on our review of summary level financial and operating statements, while longer-term views of financial health involve analysis of balance sheets, net assets, debt structures, and other factors. Using a variety of proprietary financial ratios, we provide an objective picture of our client’s overall financial health. 

To deliver the cost-effective, innovative solutions our clients need, we use tools and a series of proprietary financial ratios that have been developed over 30 years and are presented in the seventh edition of the reference book Strategic Financial Analysis for Higher Education: Identifying, Measuring, and Reporting Financial Risks, co-authored by Attain. The ratio tools include:

  • Ratio Map, which includes liquidity and other important measures of financial health
  • Composite Financial Index (CFI), consisting of summary findings on overall financial health and recommended actions
  • Graphic Financial Profile (GFP), which reports on the relative balance or imbalance of the organization’s financial health
  • Resource Allocation MapTM, which compares programs with their outcomes

These ratios—used by rating agencies, accreditation groups, trade groups, and widely across the higher education community—can be adapted for various industries. Through these services, our experienced professionals are driven by our core values to effectively translate critical financial and risk measurement concepts into meaningful and tailored insights for senior executives, Board members, and others decision makers.

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