Advanced thinking WHERE strategy and management MEET

How does an organization fulfill its mission when the old strategies don’t work anymore? Attain’s Strategy and Management consulting services help you navigate the ever changing demands of technology innovation and administrative requirements. We enable our clients to gain a competitive or strategic advantage by doing things differently. We help create sustainable, long term strategies based on the right combination of people, processes and technology for improved efficiencies and operational effectiveness.

We partner with our clients to create executable strategies that are forward thinking, innovative, and bold—helping them succeed in climates where others are struggling. By developing actionable, results-driven strategies with measurable outcomes, as well as the ability to execute on those plans, we help clients build a strong foundation upon which they can reach organizational goals.

At Attain, our core values guide every recommendation we make for our clients. Whether the strategy is to develop a more effective grants management business model, provide more rigorous program oversight, or solve another management challenge, our recommendations and solutions will be cost efficient, technologically sound, and viable for the long term.

With a track record of providing on time, on budget solutions, our strategy and management consulting services include:

  • Business Transformation and Business Process Optimization
  • Change Management and Training
  • F&A Reimbursement and Compliance Services
  • Grants Management / Research Administration
  • Organizational Assessment and Redesign
  • Program Management
  • Strategic Finance and Risk Management
  • Strategic Planning

To learn more about our Strategy and Management Consulting services, please contact us.