There’s no longer a clear distinction between technology and how organizations operate on a daily basis. Advances in technology have enabled and empowered as they’ve continued to permeate organizations, transforming them and providing a measurable competitive advantage.

However, technological innovation continues to accelerate, and solutions that made sense even a few years ago must be continually revisited to make sure they still provide the capabilities the organization needs. It can be a major challenge just maintaining a competitive position in your field or industry sector—let alone finding solutions that position you for the future.

Attain’s experienced staff has deep domain knowledge applying the latest technologies organizations need, from widely-applicable solutions like ERP, infrastructure management, and big data to niche fields such as health information technology, grants management, and others. We offer an always-current, yet unbiased view of technology.

Although we have relationships with some of the world’s leading technology providers, including SAP, Oracle, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Apple, and others, we are purposefully agnostic. We make our recommendations solely on which solution best meets the technical, budgetary, and other requirements of our client.

Our advanced perspective, gained from serving clients in a broad range of industries allows us to create innovative, cost effective, yet practical solutions to clients’ toughest problems—always on-time and on-budget. Driven by our core values, our top priority is to help maximize the value of our clients’ IT investments and build less complex, more agile technology solutions.

Our technology consulting services include:

  • Cloud Services
  • ERP Services
  • Health Information Technology
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Business Analytics and Big Data
  • High Performance Computing
  • Mobility

To learn more about our Technology expertise and services, please contact us.